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Medical Malpractice

Central Illinois: Medical Malpractice Attorneys

In our society, we put a lot of faith and trust in doctors and other health care professionals. When a doctor makes an error that results in preventable injury or an undiagnosed illness, it may just be a crash that the legal system cannot help redress.

However, sometimes these errors rise to the level of medical negligence, also called medical malpractice. Evaluating a doctor’s actions to determine whether medical negligence occurred is a complex, lengthy and expensive process. Because of the cost and complexity of medical malpractice lawsuits, they should usually only be attempted when the doctor’s error resulted in extremely serious physical injury or premature death.

Medical malpractice claims are possible against medical doctors of all kinds. Other health care professionals can also be held responsible in claims of medical malpractice, including nurses, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, medical technicians and ambulance personnel.

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Doyle Law Team, P.C. has a long record of success fighting for fair financial compensation on behalf of victims of medical malpractice and medical negligence. At the same time, we are extremely selective when deciding which of medical malpractice cases we will accept.

Our qualifications to handle medical malpractice lawsuits is evident in the fact that our attorneys have been granted membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, an exclusive legal organization with membership restricted to lawyers who have won million-dollar-plus verdicts or settlements for their personal injury clients.

Our firm works regularly with two registered nurse consultants who are specially trained to review medical records and help evaluate potential medical malpractice claims.

Through our decades of experience representing plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases, we have learned how to evaluate and prepare these complex legal claims so that they have the best chance of success. We are also able to provide preliminary evaluations of potential medical malpractice claims in order to give potential clients the information they need to understand why it is — or is not — a good idea to pursue their medical malpractice claim.

More Information About Medical Malpractice Cases

You will find detailed information about how our firm prepares and handles medical malpractice cases in our Medical Malpractice FAQ. Some details about specific types of medical negligence cases can be found on the following pages of this site:

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