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Nursing Home Neglect

Central Illinois: Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

Health care professionals who work in nursing homes have a legal duty to provide a professional level of care to the nursing home residents — just like doctors in a hospital have a duty to provide a professional level of care to their patients.

When nursing home doctors, nurses or other health care staff fail to provide a professional level of care to nursing home residents, and the failure results in serious injury or premature death, the nursing home may be made to pay compensation in a lawsuit for nursing home negligence.

What Is a Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit?

In a nursing home negligence lawsuit, the nursing home resident — or the family of the resident — brings a legal claim against the nursing home or against individual nursing home doctors. The lawsuit shows how the nursing home medical staff were careless or reckless in their care of the nursing home resident, and presents evidence that the resident suffered a serious injury or premature death as a result.

What Are Some Signs of Nursing Home Negligence or Abuse?

A successful nursing home negligence lawsuit requires physical proof of carelessness or active elder abuse. Some common signs of nursing home negligence or active abuse include:

  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Bedsores or decubitus ulcers
  • Instances of wandering or elopement
  • Inadequate security at the facility
  • Broken bones or other injuries caused by falls
  • Injuries related to insufficient restraints

If you observe any of those signs in a family member who is a nursing home resident, we encourage you to seek immediate legal advice.

As an example of case results, we obtained $400,000 against a nursing home for the wrongful death regarding their negligence resulting in the premature death of an elderly resident.

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At Doyle Law Team, our attorneys have more than 45 years of legal experience. We have developed a long and successful track record representing personal injury plaintiffs, including victims of nursing home negligence and abuse.

Our firm works regularly with Physicians and registered nurse consultants who are specially trained to review medical records and help evaluate potential nursing home negligence cases.

Winning large settlements and jury verdicts is an important hallmark of a successful law firm. However, another aspect of our legal practice that sets us apart is our focus on acting as counselors to the entire family. Our decades of experience have taught us that legal problems affect not only the plaintiff, who is our client, but our client’s family and close friends.

Our attorneys and staff believe we have a responsibility to provide as much help as possible to our client’s entire family, as long as we are involved in our client’s legal case. We do whatever we can to help our client access other types of services that may be necessary during difficult times, including financial assistance, family counseling, and private and government social services.

More Information About Medical Malpractice and Nursing Home Negligence

Additional general information about medical malpractice cases, including nursing home negligence lawsuits, is available on the following pages of our Web site: Medical Malpractice FAQ.

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