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Personal Injury

Central Illinois: Serious Personal Injury Claims

If you or a loved one has survived a serious crash, medical concerns must come first, but serious injury also often means loss of a household income. Where will the money come from to pay medical bills, mortgages and other household expenses?

The point of a personal injury lawsuit is to force the party responsible for the crash to make full and complete financial restitution to the injured person.

Insurance companies have a reputation for offering settlement amounts that do not consider all of a family’s financial needs in the wake of a serious or catastrophic personal injury that resulted in severe disability or permanent injury.

An experienced personal injury law firm can help you and your family fight for the financial compensation you deserve.

Doyle Law Team
Office in Danville, Illinois

There are several reasons to consult the law firm of Doyle Law Team,when you are looking for legal representation following a catastrophic injury such as a major automobile or truck crash.

Experience and Success

Our attorneys have more than 45 years of legal experience, and our list of results won for personal injury clients speaks for itself.

You can learn more about the way we handle cases on our Personal Injury FAQ page. We also invite you to review the information on some specific types of personal injury cases:

We Work With the Whole Family

At Doyle Law Team, we are a law firm that helps our clients and their families deal with all of the problems that can follow a serious injury crash: managing immediate financial needs, dealing with insurance agents and speeding up necessary property repairs. We can even advise you about obtaining available government and private social services and family counseling.

Some attorneys prefer to interact only with the client and manage only the legal issues. At Doyle Law Team, we refuse to ignore the rest of the family — and we offer all the help we can.

Convenient Locations in Central Illinois

When seeking attorneys for a major personal injury lawsuit, many people’s first instinct is to turn to Chicago. Why travel into and out of Chicago when you have access to professional, experienced and successful personal injury lawyers right here in Central Illinois?

By hiring a lawyer near to your home, in-person meetings are easier. We understand our clients’ needs and goals better when we can meet with them face to face whenever necessary, rather than meeting over the telephone with only occasional personal appointments.

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