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Brain Injuries

Legal Rights After a Brain Injury

If you or a loved one has been in a crash resulting in brain injury, it is very important to get legal advice from an attorneys who understands brain injuries and their impact on crash victims — before you accept any type of settlement from the person or company responsible for the crash.

People with brain injuries — whether mild or severe — can require years of medical care and many expensive medical tests. A severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a life-changing event, and your attorneys should take into account all the different medical, social and educational services that will be required as a result.

Doyle Law Team
Office in Danville, Illinois

At Doyle Law Team, our attorneys have more than 45 years of legal experience representing injured people in personal injury lawsuits, including people who have suffered head trauma as a result of crash, medical malpractice or other traumatic events.

Our attorneys have proven their ability to win full and fair financial compensation for our clients. Our attorneys are member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a legal organization with membership restricted to lawyers who have won million-dollar-plus verdicts or settlements for their personal injury clients.

Read about our lawyer’s success representing crash victims with brain injury claims. In one case, we were able to recover $1,695,000 for a client who suffered brain damage after a small airplane crashed at Vermilion Airport.  Structuring that settlement produces millions more for him and his family.

Not only do our attorneys have practical experience with brain injury clients, gained through decades of dedicated legal representation, we also attend regular medical and legal seminars to make sure that our knowledge of state-of-the-art forms of medical care and rehabilitation remains up to date.

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If you or a family member has suffered a brain injury as the result of an crash or other traumatic event, we encourage you to contact our office to schedule a free and confidential initial consultation. Call our main office at 217.655.4509, call us toll free at 866.720.6582, or send us an e-mail.